Seeing is Believing – ways to test Admix mixing equipment

At Admix, we understand the importance of the age-old adage “seeing is believing” and showing you how our mixing solutions will work in your process and on your ingredients. Here’s a few ways to turn you into a believer:

1. Lab testing

2. Two-week equipment trial

3. Rotosolver demo at your facility

Lab testing: In our laboratories, we can test your products and ingredients on our mixing equipment. The labs are stocked with our equipment on the smaller scale and includes our in-tank high shear mixers (Benchmix®, Rotosolver®, and Rotostat®), in-line high shear mixing and milling devices (Dynashear® and Boston Shearmill®), and powder induction/dispersion equipment (Fastfeed®). We have many tank sizes available for testing different volumes, from small 1-gallon (~ 4 liter) containers up to 200-gallon (~ 750 liter) tanks. We can run viscosity measurements and have a particle size analyzer to review particle size down to the sub-micron level. Just contact us to schedule a test and send us your ingredients, and we’ll take care of the rest. Lab tests can be done in person or live streamed and you can interact with our team as if you were in the lab alongside us. Additionally, we can video your test if desired.

Trial Equipment: If you would rather run testing on your terms and in your facility, we have a full complement of trial equipment for you to use in your process. Our trial pool is stocked with all Dynashear and Boston Shearmill in-line models, as well as all Fastfeed powder induction models. We have lab and pilot scale Rotosolver high shear mixer models available, and some select larger sizes as well. For a small fee, you can have the unit of your choice for a 2-week period to run at your facility. After the trial, you can keep the equipment, saving on return shipping costs, and we will invoice you for the remaining amount less the trial fee.

Onsite Rotosolver Demo: If you are in a geography where we have a local Representative, they can run a demo for you. All our representatives have a small pilot scale Rotosolver high shear mixer that can work with volumes up to 5 gallons (~ 20 liters) of product. Our representatives will travel to your facility, show you how the Rotosolver operates, and run it on your products on your turf. This is a great way to see the Rotosolver in action and to meet and work with our factory trained representatives. The results on the small batch are scalable to full production size volumes and the larger mixer is guaranteed to produce the same results.

We invite you to take advantage of any of these opportunities to see for yourself how Admix equipment can help improve your process. We are confident that you will become a believer!

Contact us to set up any a test or trial!