Admix Quickship Program

Admix Quickship Program

Need it quick? Quick Ship models ship within 2 Days!*

*Ships within 2 days of order receipt. Select configurations only. While supplies last.
Program applies to US, Canada, and Mexico only.

Benchmix® 10 Compact Lab Mixer

The Benchmix 10 is ideal for your product development, simulation, formula optimization and scale-up needs. It is a compact and powerful high shear mixer that will fit well on the benchtop of any lab in any industry. It easily handles volumes from .25 to 1 gallon / 1 to 4 liters with a mixing speed range of 1,000 – 9,300 RPM.

Our most widely used mixing impeller for the Benchmix is our patented Rotosolver. The Rotosolver is the most effective high shear mixing head on the market for wetting out and dispersing powders!

This compact benchtop unit combines power, speed and versatility – features include:

  • 1 HP motor delivers variable speeds up to 9,300 RPM
  • Processes .25-1 gallon (1-4 liters)
  • Patented Rotosolver high shear mix head provides optimal shear and flow
  • Auxiliary pumping impellers included (small and large)
  • 316SS shafting and mix heads
  • Adjustable container retention device included
  • Easy to operate electronic lift
  • Large variable speed dial
  • Modern touch screen interface

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Rotosolver® RXRS High Shear Meat & Poultry Mixer

Attention Meat & Poultry Processors! Our Rotosolver RXRS for your brine and marinade production is now available as a Quick Ship item! The RXRS combines our high shear Rotosolver head with a low maintenance bearing frame. Its sealed drive assembly eliminates water intrusion and stands up to the toughest washdown environments. We have models ready to ship – ask us for details!

The RXRS Advantages:

  • High flow rates
  • Less heat input
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Less maintenance & downtime
  • Simplified sealed drive assembly
  • Meets USDA-AMS standards
  • Optional secondary impellers
  • 100% dissolving, hydrating or suspension

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RS-02 Rotosolver Pilot Mixer

The RS-02 high shear pilot mixer ships within 2 days of order receipt. Ask us for details!
Admix Pilot Scale mixers are an excellent solution for product development, formula optimization, trial mixtures, and small production runs. Quick Ship RS-02 pilot mixer models come with our patented Rotosolver high shear mixing head, a mobile lift stand and a variable frequency drive (VFD) to allow for the precise control of rotational speed, tank turnover rate, pumping rate, mixing intensity, rotor tip speed and shear rate.

The Rotosolver is the most effective high shear impeller on the market for wetting out and dispersing powders. Its patented design is engineered to provide the optimal balance between shear and flow so that your product is completely homogenous, emulsified, and agglomerate-free in under 10 minutes. Powders, even when dumped in all at once, are immediately drawn down into the mixing head and up from the bottom, passing through multiple shear surfaces before centrifugal pressure forces material to the periphery. This combination of high shear, converging forces and continual flow means there are no dead zones in the tank and mixing is completed faster. Because of the highly efficient flow pattern created by a unique head design, minimal horsepower energy is needed to run the mixer and very little heat is generated so the temperature of your mixture remains steady. In addition, because no unmixed product is left behind, product loss concerns are a non-issue. With the Rotosolver, your ingredients will be perfectly mixed with functional ingredients intact and emulsions stable.

RS-02 Pilot Mixer Benefits

  • Large, easy-to-turn hand crank for adjusting mixer height
  • Sturdy and mobile lift stand
  • Wide base for added stability
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Simple installation – use immediately!
  • Optimal shear and flow patterns
  • Low power consumption
  • Scale-up is guaranteed with our Process Guarantee!
  • Suitable for every industry

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Dynashear® Sanitary Inline Continuous Mixer/Emulsifier

Select configurations of the DS-215, DS-425 and DS-575 models ship within 2 days of order receipt. Ask us for details!

Designed as a high speed, high shear mixer and emulsifier for continuous processing, the Dynashear sets the standard for inline mechanical mixers with installations in place for dairybeveragesalad dressing and mayonnaise processingpet foodflavor emulsionschemicalcosmetic, and pharma applications.

The Dynashear’s unique dual stage axial and radial heads provide optimal throughput and flow. In addition, the shear rates generated ensure droplet and particle size reduction down to 3-5 microns with excellent distribution.

Some processors use Dynashear for a single pass continuous mix after powder addition upstream, while others recirculate product back through a batch reactor for a 3-5 minute total blend time. This is an easy-to-install, cost effective, low maintenance mixer. Contact us for more info.

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Dynashear Benefits

  • Select production and labs size models.
  • Stainless steel motor and fully machined 316SS housing
  • High efficiency, high shear continuous mixing
  • Unique combination of axial and radial stators
  • Low maintenance – No bushings, shims or wear sleeves
  • Average droplets of 3-5 microns with 98% distribution under 5 microns
  • CIP-able and designed for rapid cleaning and inspection disassembly
  • Complies with 3-A Sanitary standard #36-01

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Boston Shearmill Wet Mill/Homogenizer for Particle Size Reduction

The Boston Shearmill series of inline wet mills has up to 9 shear zones for the ultimate shear performance, providing very high throughputs at extreme shear rates. It meets the toughest hygienic standards and are 3-A compliant.

For processes requiring milling of soft particles to <1 micron, or hard particles down to 1-2 microns, the Boston Shearmill produces superior particle size reduction, often in just a single pass at high production rates.

The Boston Shearmill will mix, disperse, emulsify, pulverize, macerate, crush, homogenize; reduce solids particles with minimal dust formation; and withstand uneven flow patterns, jolts, and pressure fluctuations.

The Admix Boston Shearmill is routinely used for for tomato paste standardizationsalad dressing and mayonnaise processingpet food productionflavor emulsionspharmaceutical preps and API blending, polymer blends, and more.

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Admixer™ Static Mixer and Blender

Select lengths of the Static Mixers ship within 2 days of order receipt. Ask us for details!

The Admixer is an all-stainless sanitary static mixer and blender ideal for processing miscible fluids regardless of flow rates, viscosity or density. The concept behind a static mixer is simple: fluid flowing through a pipe is channeled through a geometric arrangement of mixing elements. The element geometry within the housing causes the flow to divide, mix, divide again and mix again until complete.

The flow then continues in a pipe as if it had gone through conventional batch mixing in tanks, with the distinct difference that the degree of homogeneity can be precisely controlled within the sanitary static blender.

Benefits of the Admixer static mixer

  • Highly predictable mixing and dispersion
  • 100% product uniformity and distribution from controlled shear and turbulence
  • Meets 3-A Sanitary standard #35-04
  • Low capital cost and maintenance
  • Improves safety and sanitation of mixing operation
  • 50-90% less power consumption than mechanical mixers
  • Mechanical reliability with no moving parts, no electrical requirements, easy installation
  • Superior corrosion or abrasion resistance
  • Excellent process versatility – capable of handling viscosities over 1 million cps

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