Mixing Equipment for the Confection Industry

Mixing Equipment for the Confection Industry

The Confection Industry

Years ago, people grew up with homemade candy available from local shops that made it fresh or occasionally brought in manufactured confections. Today, there is a great demand for confections worldwide, often having identical or similar recipes across regions.

But all of these recipes require a level of consistency that is not achievable without strict process. Many mixing processes are involved in the creation of confections, from simple blending of slurries to dispersion of flavors and colors to the creation of smooth cream fillings and agglomerate-free coatings.

Admix offers a broad range of mixing technologies and years of industry experience to help you create the best final product rapidly and cost-effectively. For more information, check out our candy and confection processing case study and candy reworking video


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See how the Rotosolver high shear mixer quickly and efficiently creates a smooth slurry from carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), a popular coating agent in confections.