Mixing Equipment for the Meat & Poultry Industry

Mixing Equipment for the Meat & Poultry Industry

The Meat & Poultry Industry

Most meat and poultry mixing applications involve a brine, pickle, cure or marinade using salt, phosphates and a combination of spices, hydrocolloids, or honey, acting as flavoring, binding or emulsifying agents. Some ingredients provide antimicrobial capability while others use encapsulation technology to release their functionality over time. With thousands of global installations, Admix has the equipment and application experience to handle all your protein processing issues and we’re ready to help.

Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment

ROTOSOLVER RXRS – Admix leads the sanitary mixing industry by continuously innovating with products like the Rotosolver RXRS high shear mixer.  The RXRS provides the highest rate of ingredient functionality for meat, poultry and fish applications while reducing maintenance costs. Not only does the RXRS meet the demand for heavier, thicker marinades, glazes and sauces, it can provide yield increases up to 6% and ensure full ingredient functionality.

If your high maintenance mixer causes line downtime more than you’d like, the Rotosolver RXRS can solve your problems. It disperses 100% of powder in under 10 minutes – no more fisheyes or clogged injectors.  RXRS Advantages:

  • Ships in 2 days or less!
  • Less heat input
  • Higher flow rates
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Less maintenance and downtime
  • Simplified sealed drive assembly

Download the ROTOSOLVER RXRS brochure

  The Rotosolver RXRS ships in two days or less!

OPTIFEED-EZ:  The Optifeed-EZ is an ergonomic powder feed system that delivers powder consistently even as viscosity changes, maximizing yields and ingredient functionality. The Optifeed EZ features:

  • Air actuated powder valve and powder-dumping at waist level
  • Single switch that opens/closes the powder valve and turns on/off the vibrator
  • Fixed powder feed rates that are optimized for key brine marinade ingredients
  • No need for operator decision-making or equipment adjustment

Learn more about the OPTIFEED specifications and options
Download the OPTIFEED-EZ brochure

FASTFEED:  The Fastfeed system for meat and poultry processors provides inline simultaneous powder induction (up to 160 lbs/minute) and dispersion for any size batch. High shear is applied inline and existing tanks simply act as slow speed holding tanks, no longer requiring in-tank high shear mixers.edients, with 100% dispersion of difficult powders guaranteed. In addition, it makes operations safer with operator-friendly features for better ergonomics. Download the brochure.

BRINE ROOM TECHNOLOGY:  Admix also offers brine room technology which includes high shear brine make-up mixers designed to wet out and incorporate gums, spices and other solids. Our stainless sanitary batch mixers are ideal for suspending and holding a brine and marinade slurry after make-up and pre-pumping to injectors or tumblers, especially with all of the non-dissolving ingredients being used today that quickly separate and settle.

TRY AND BUY MIXER INCENTIVES: Admix also offers an exclusive Try & Buy mixer incentives on batch, inline and powder induction mixers.


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Meat and Poultry Processing FAQs

In this video, Admix talks about several frequently asked questions. Just go to the appropriate frame for the answer you’re after, or view the entire video!

What sets your equipment apart from other suppliers? 0:13

How does Admix address the need for various size batches and maintain scalability? 2:47

Continuous processing is a trend that has gained significant momentum over the last couple years. How does Admix address this trend? 3:54

How does Admix identify and relieve a manufacturer’s process pain points with its mixing technology? 5:32


The Admixer static blender delivers continuous processing with no moving parts. It offers side stream injectors, heat transfer and temperature control with jackets. It has easy-to-clean removable components and specially polished finishes, and meets 3-A sanitary standard #35-04.



The Boston Shearmill inline wet mill can rework out-of-spec product and mill it into a slurry that can be reused upstream. Also, the Rotostat rotor-stator mixer provides bulk tank motion without an in-tank bearing frame or supporting arms so product flow is not impacted.



The Rotosolver high shear batch mixer combines good product motion and intense mixing vortex control with efficient pumping blades and a high shear mixing region to break down agglomerates and reduce rafting. It is easy-to-clean, CIP, and meets 3-A Sanitary Standard #73-01.



Yes! We’ll test your ingredient and application in our fully equipped pilot lab at no charge. You can also consider the Benchmix benchtop lab mixer, which can be configured with Rotosolver and Rotostat heads for maximum flexibility and scale-up to full production.

Want to do unlimited full production run testing at your own facility? Our in-plant trial program allows you to do it for 14 days. Plus, we’re so confident in our scale-up methods that we provide a process assurance warranty with all our equipment.


Absolutely. The Fastfeed powder induction and dispersion system inducts powders and liquids directly into the liquid stream that fills your blend tank at controlled feed rates up to 450 lbs/minute, resulting in batch times that are typically cut in half. Operator injuries from climbing steps, along with inconsistent batches, dust plumes, and air entrainment are eliminated too, since mixing takes place inline rather than in an open top tank.

In addition, the Optifeed and PIC systems provide inline continuous powder dispersion up to 200 lbs/minute and are ideal for higher viscosities. Another option is the VacuShear system, which is specifically designed to convey granular to fine powders at high flow rates into a vacuum rated, CIP-capable mix station.




For inline continuous processing, the Dynashear inline disperser and Boston Shearmill inline homogenizer provide tight emulsions. Typical droplet size with the Dynashear is 2-3 microns and as fine as 0.5 microns with the Boston Shearmill.

These workhorses break down tough fisheyes in a single pass, and deagglomerate a fluid stream to save filter cleaning and wasted raw material. Designed to run 24/7, both Dynashear and the Boston Shearmill meet 3-A Sanitary Standard #36-01.




We sure can. The Rotomixx low-speed agitator is portable and can accommodate various tank volumes, and the RotoMAXX II low shear agitator can handle volumes up to 60,000 gallons. Both agitators are an all-stainless steel design, provide simple blending for miscible fluids, solids incorporation and dispersion, can maintain a suspension, and meet 3-A Sanitary Standard #73-01.