The Cereal Industry

Processing for Cereal IndustryConsumers demand more benefits from standard food stuffs. And with the global breakfast cereal market expected to reach over $43 billion by 2019, processors need to deliver cereals in a variety of flavors, colors and shapes while providing balanced nutrition. These needs are fulfilled with innovative recipes, high quality ingredients and vitamin/mineral fortification.

A range of mixing processes are involved in this industry, from simple blending of flavors and colors to the creation of smooth dispersions of hard-to-wet-out powders. Sustainability is driving the industry to eliminate waste, and Admix processing equipment allows you to do just that, reclaiming out-of-spec product instead of discarding it.

Admix offers a broad range of mixing technologies, along with years of mixing industry experience, to help create the best final products rapidly and cost-effectively.

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See how the Rotosolver high shear mixer quickly and efficiently creates a smooth slurry from carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), a popular coating agent in cereals.

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