Mixing Equipment for the Prepared Foods Industry

Mixing Equipment for the Prepared Foods Industry

Prepared Foods

Prepared foods is one of the highest-performing segments in the entire food industry. From natural and organic offerings, to fresh, refrigerated, and frozen ready-to-eat meals, thousands of new formulas and applications are being used every day by today’s food processors. For the last 25 years, Admix has been helping these food processors satisfy consumer demands.

Admix sanitary food mixers meet the strictest hygienic standards and offer state-of-the-art, all-stainless steel technology designed to reduce costs and improve productivity. Whether it’s frozen foods,tomato products, cerealsconfections or dressings, gravies and sauces, our applications team customize your mixing equipment to achieve optimum results. We have processed countless ingredients and will customize a solution that maximizes your bottom line.

Want to see our equipment in action or take it for a test drive? Our comprehensive mixing equipment services can improve your process and bottom line today.

If ingredient, process, sanitation, or maintenance issues are negatively impacting your operations, we have the experience to help. Get higher yields and smoother processing by letting us solve challenges including:

  • Slow batch times
  • Lumps, clumps, or fisheyes
  • Clogged strainers
  • Inconsistent powder incorporation
  • Batch-to-batch inconsistencies
  • Inefficiencies dispersing more powder into less water
  • Dusting
  • Air entrainment
  • Operator injuries/safety considerations


Processing Equipment and Services for Prepared Foods

Dynashear inline mixer – this system’s 3-A compliant design enables you to prevent premature plate heat exchanger burn-on, clogged strainers, and mid-day flushouts or mini-CIPs resulting from undispersed ingredients and stabilizers. Designed for 24/7 operation, it offers flow rates up to 175 GPM and seal pressure ratings up to 450 PSI at 400° F. Install the Admix Dynashear two-stage high speed disperser immediately upstream of the HTST balance tank to guarantee no agglomerates or fisheyes. See how it works and get a free quote today.

Dynashear Quickship Program
Ships within 2 days of order!
Easy to install!

Applies to select configurations of the DS 425 and DS 575 models.

Fastfeed powder induction system – if you need 100% dispersion of proteins, gums, starches, vitamins, fiber, sweeteners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavors, and colors, look no further than the Fastfeed. This system instantly wets, disperses, and hydrates these popular ingredients in a single pass with no clumps or foam as it is filling your batch tank. Plus you get controlled feed rates up to 450 pounds per minute from the safety of floor level. See the latest Fastfeed video to learn how it can help your operations.

The Rotosolver high shear mixer is our flagship product with thousands of installations at food and beverage processing plants around the world. For production lines requiring 100% wetting out of powders, the Rotosolver’s patented 3-A compliant design is easy-to-clean and provides higher overall shear rates, improved dispersion, and reduced energy consumption for volumes up to 10,000 gallons.

The Rotosolver outperforms competitors in key performance areas. For various applications, it has delivered up to:

  • 50% less energy consumption
  • 600% higher flow rates
  • 20% higher tip speeds
  • 6 times more throughput than conventional mixers

The 3-A compliant Boston Shearmill wet mill/homogenizer outperforms conventional shear pumps and colloid mills and provides very high throughputs at extreme shear rates. Inline rotor-stator machines deliver 24/7 operation; reduce solids particles with minimal dust formation; and withstand uneven flow patterns, jolts, and pressure fluctuations. And for milling of soft particles to <1 micron, or hard particles down to 1-2 microns, the shearmill produces superior particle size reduction, often in a single pass at high production rates.

Admix pre-/post-sale services – whether you send a sample for free lab testing, order a trial unit for unlimited on-site testing, or need an in-plant audit or spare parts, we’re here to help. Before and after the sale, Admix has programs that allow you to test new ingredients, formulas, and applications and extend the life of your mixer in order to lower your total cost of ownership.


Featured Video

See the Rotosolver high shear mixer in action as it completely disperses Xanthan gum in just 5 minutes.


Prepared Foods FAQs

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