Rotostat® High Shear Emulsifier

Rotostat High Shear Emulsifier

The Rotostat emulsifier features our Optishear technology. The unique patented revolving stator, when combined with the close-clearance, driven rotor and high efficiency lower propeller, optimizes shear rates, pumping rates and particle size reduction. By carefully controlling all 3 characteristics, the Rotostat will never overshear materials or formulas.


  • Optimum shear rate and tank circulation
  • Superb emulsion stability for extended shelf life
  • Dramatically reduces batch times
  • Eliminates fisheyes and agglomerates
  • High viscosity capability (50,000 CPS) at minimum power levels
  • All stainless mix head, shaft, drive and motor available
  • 100% lump-free emulsification of oil/water, starches, gums, CMC, HPMC, syrups and other high viscosity solutions
  • Lab models and production sizes up to 100 HP

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