Customer Story: High Efficiency Agitation with Extended Shaft

A major sports beverage manufacturer needed durable and reliable mixers for dissolving sugar and additives into liquid. Their previous mixer shafts were cracking. Our representatives worked closely with the company’s maintenance and engineering staff to provide a custom solution. Ultimately, two Admix Rotomaxx in-tank mixers were selected for the project. These are low speed, high torque, right angle mixers with our Rotofoil impeller design. They generate high efficiency agitation perfect for the task.

These were not just standard Rotomaxx mixers. We extended the 2-inch diameter shaft length (overall length was about 13 feet) and tapered the bottom so it would fit into the steady bearing already in the customer’s vessel.

Another requirement was to provide a mixer that could be installed in a very low overhead space. Two things helped here: a right-angle gear motor, and a detachable shaft, installed with a coupling.

The Rotomaxx met their met their requirements for reliability and durability, critical speed, and a mixer that could be installed easily in a low headspace area. If you need a turnkey process solution, Admix and our representatives are here to exceed your expectations!