Admix Services | Lab Testing

Admix Services | Lab Testing

Lab Testing – Free Formula Testing

A cornerstone of the services that Admix offers processors, our 2,500 square-foot lab and pilot plant is the hub for applications development, testing, and customer demonstrations. Utilizing state-of-the-art mixers, we test your formula and demonstrate scale-up, providing complete analysis including video results upon request. So whether you’re a current or potential customer, we invite you to put this complimentary service to the test!* 

Check out our featured video and schedule a demonstration of your mixing application and we’ll use our extensive experience to offer solutions to your toughest challenges.

Putting our lab to the test

Our mantra is “our lab is your lab.” Whether you visit our facility or take advantage of our free lab testing service, it’s clear how much time and energy Admix technology will save you. We demonstrate firsthand how processes that were taking hours can be finished in minutes using our innovative test equipment, high shear mixers, powder induction systems, or inline mixers and mills.

Our advanced technology is effective because of our people. Our lab services team delivers hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of countless ingredients used across a variety of industries. We’ve helped thousands of food, beverage, dairy, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical manufacturers refine solutions to their mixing challenges, with each application getting personalized attention from an experienced engineer, creative design staff, and a quality-conscious production team to ensure success. And although most projects are concluded in days, in some cases we’ve collaborated for months to obtain the desired results.


Schedule a lab test at our facility…

Contact us and we’ll review your mixing application and get in touch to discuss lab openings, scheduling, and protocol for sending test materials.

…or yours!

All of our equipment is also available through a robust trial program so you can do unlimited testing on unlimited formulas at your own facility. Request a quote today.

We look forward to working with you to test your ingredient and process and help with scalability!

*Customer only responsible for inbound and return shipping of test materials.

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