DynaShear® Sanitary Inline Continuous Mixer/Emulsifier

Production Sizes and Lab Sizes Available! 

Designed as a high speed, high shear mixer and emulsifier for continuous processing, today the DynaShear sets the standard for inline mechanical mixers with hundreds of installations in place for dairy, beveragesalad dressing and mayonnaise processingpet foodflavor emulsions, chemical and pharmaceutical/API applications.

Constructed completely of 316 SS (internals, housing, shafting, and base), its unique dual stage axial and radial heads provide optimal throughput and flow. In addition, the shear rates generated ensure droplet and particle size reduction down to 3-5 microns with excellent distribution.

Some processors use DynaShear for a single pass continuous mix after powder addition upstream, while others recirculate product back through a batch reactor for a 3-5 minute total blend time. This easy-to-install, cost effective, low maintenance mixer is also a flagship product with some models available through our Quick Ship program. Contact us for more info.

If your application requires higher intensity, more milling, and greater particle size reduction, the versatile Boston Shearmill generates droplet and particle size reduction down to 1 micron while withstanding uneven flow patterns, bumps, jolts, and pressure fluctuations.

DynaShear Quickship Program
Ships within 2 days of order!
Easy to install!
Applies to select configurations of the DS-215, DS-425 and DS-575 models.

NEW! Lab Scale DynaShear

The DynaShear 215 is a lab scale disperser/emulsifier designed for product development, simulation and scale-up. This lab model is mounted to a mobile cart and includes a VFD for accurate scale up.  You'll achieve predictable, repeatable results from lab to full production! 

More DynaShear Benefits

  • Stainless steel motor and fully machined 316SS housing
  • High efficiency, high shear continuous mixing
  • Unique combination of axial and radial stators
  • Low maintenance - No bushings, shims or wear sleeves
  • Average droplets of 3-5 microns with 98% distribution under 5 microns
  • CIP-able and designed for rapid cleaning and inspection disassembly
  • Complies with 3-A standard #36-01
  • EHEDG Type EL Class 1 Certified

Download Datasheet

DynaShear Datasheet (US)