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Admix Equipment | Pilot Scale Mixers™

Pilot Scale Mixers

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Admix Pilot Scale mixers are an excellent solution for product development, formula optimization, trial mixtures, and small production runs. They come with a mobile lift stand and an optional variable frequency drive (VFD) to allow for the precise control of rotational speed, tank turnover rate, pumping rate, mixing intensity, rotor tip speed and shear rate.

The Pilot Scale Mixer is available in two versions: the RS-02 with our Rotosolver high shear impeller or the XP-02 with our Rotostat high shear impeller. We are happy to advise you on which impeller head will work best for your particular application.

Pilot Scale Mixer benefits

  • Large, easy-to-turn hand crank for adjusting mixer height
  • Sturdy and mobile lift stand
  • Wide base for added stability
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Simple installation – use immediately!
  • Optimal shear and flow patterns
  • Low power consumption
  • Scale-up is guaranteed!*
  • Suitable for every industry

*We are so confident that our mixers will perform as expected, that we provide a Process Guarantee. This is the Admix guarantee that when scaling up to larger batches, we will build you a production size Rotosolver or Rotostat high shear mixer for your application and tank size that will provide the same mixing performance as your pilot scale unit. This gives you peace of mind that transitioning to higher production levels will be seamless and results will be repeatable, predictable, consistent and stable every time!

Pilot Scale Mixers Quickship Program
Ships within 2 days of order!
Easy to install!
Program applies to US, Canada, and Mexico.



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