Low Shear Mixer Portfolio

Written by Patrick Lakin, National Sales Manager

The Admix brand is often associated with the best high shear mixers and emulsifiers on the market. But, do you know that Admix also offers low shear mixing equipment just as high in quality? 

  • The Admixer for example, is an all-stainless sanitary static mixer and blender offering excellent process versatility and highly predictable mixing and dispersion. Often used for processing miscible fluids, the Admixer is also used to distribute solids into liquids. Common applications for the Admixer are dilution of juice concentrates, mixing of flavors or colorants into prepared foods, cutting tomato paste, gentle blending of fruit into yogurt, and folding of inclusions into ice cream. The Admixer static mixer is available as a quick-ship item, with a wide range of configurations in stock today
  • The Rotomixx is a low-shear batch mixer, available with a portable clamp mount or fixed mount. With all stainless-steel construction and a bearing life estimated at 100,000 hours, the Rotomixx is the answer to customers facing the common issues of paint chips and rust and frequent rebuild or replacement of batch mixers. Even better, the Rotomixx is designed for easy assembly/disassembly so when it is time to service the mixer it may be done quickly and easily. 
  • The Rotomaxx and Rotomaxx II are low-shear, high-torque, right angle agitators with all stainless construction. With the ability to handle tank volumes of 60,000 gallons or more, and with a robust and easily cleanable design for the most demanding operating environments, they are are Ideal for any industry where large capacity is required and where stringent CIP, washdown, pressure washing, and steam cleaning conditions must be met. 

Carry on as you were thinking of Admix as your best source for high shear mixers and emulsifiers (we don’t mind!) but remember that our low shear solutions are built with the same quality, using the same expertise and industry knowledge. No matter the application, and no matter the volume of mixing required, we’re here to help.

 Contact us for help on which product would work best for your particular application!