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Admix Equipment | Rotomaxx™

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Rotomaxx high torque mixer

The Rotomaxx is a low-speed right angle mixer designed to meet your requirements for high flow rate and high torque, capable of processing up to 10,000 gallons at viscosities up to 10,000 CPS for large volume mix and holding tanks. Rotomaxx features a 304SS gearbox, bearing frame and motor. Various options are available including mounting plates, explosion proof packages, inverters, mechanical seals and others. Specifically engineered for sanitary applications where cleanliness is critical, Rotomaxx mixers are completely corrosion- and paint-free to eliminate open tank contamination.

Key Features

  • Total washdown capability with 3-A sanitary standard TPV #73-01 compliance
  • All gear reducers are 304SS with food grade lubricant
  • Drives are 0.5 to 3 Hp, 30 – 350 RPM output with a minimum 1.5 service factor
  • Motors are 300 series stainless steel or a wash down duty white epoxy finish or TEXP
  • Small footprint and headroom requirement
  • 3-A compliant pedestals are available

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Rotomaxx Datasheet (US)

Rotomaxx Datasheet (EU)