Admix Equipment | Rotomaxx™ II

Admix Equipment | Rotomaxx™ II

Rotomaxx II Low-Shear Low Speed Agitator

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RotoMAXX low-shear, low-speed agitatorThe Rotomaxx II low-shear, high-torque, right angle agitator is the only all stainless steel, low speed, large capacity agitator on the market.

Ideal for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries where large capacity is required, this robust agitator has a right angle helical bevel gearbox and is designed for the most demanding operating environments where stringent CIP, washdown, pressure washing, and steam cleaning conditions must be met.

Key Features

  • Tank volumes up to 60,000+ gallons
  • Total washdown capability with 3-A TPV #73-01 compliance
  • Impeller shaft available up to 144″
  • Maintenance free, greased-for-life, sealed bearings in the bearing frame
  • Up to 15 horsepower input
  • Motors are 300 series stainless steel
  • Flex couplings between motor/gearbox and gearbox/drive shaft provide vibration damping and shock load protection to drive components



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Rotomaxx II Datasheet (US)

Rotomaxx II Datasheet (EU)