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Chemical Industry

Mixing has changed. See how.

Although our commercial mixers are best known in industries that require strict sanitary standards, they're also well-suited for the chemical industry. Our high shear equipment uses high intensity mixing and is ideal for:
  • Dispersing gums, metal oxides, and ceramics
  • Deagglomerating powders into primary particles
  • Eliminating fisheyes for more uniform end products

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Applications for Admix chemical processing equipment

Admix has had success across numerous applications including the emulsion of various ingredients and dispersion of polymers/plastics, resins, polyols, and other compounds.

Chemical ApplicationsEmulsions: The Rotostat, Rotosolver, Boston Shearmill, Fastfeed and DynaShear mixers produce emulsions with small, uniform droplet size. These emulsions lead to increased shelf-life, stability and quality without the use of a high-pressure homogenizer.

Dispersions: The Rotostat, Rotosolver, Boston Shearmill, Fastfeed and DynaShear mixers and dispersers employ high shear and high intensity mixing to disperse ceramics, deagglomerate powders into primary particles, and eliminate fisheyes of hydrocolloids and thickeners. Our high shear equipment produces more uniform end products much more quickly and efficiently than conventional dispersers.