Pilot Lab Testing | Lab Testing Equipment | Admix

Pilot Lab Testing | Lab Testing Equipment | Admix

Below is a comprehensive list of equipment available for our customer formula testing.

Mix Tanks

  • VacuShear jacketed, insulated 150 gallon tank with 15 HP Rotosolver mixer, skid mounted with load cells, automated valves, integral hopper and vacuum pump
  • 175 gallon open SS tank (working volume 70-150 gallons)
  • 100 gallon open SS tank(working volume 40-80 gallons)
  • 60 gallon Hamilton kettle with steam jacket, 10 HP Rotosolver, 5 HP scrape surface agitator and 2 HP secondary agitator
  • Various tanks up to 100 gallons


Mixers – all with variable speed capabilities

  • Rotosolver 112RSXXX, 10 HP
  • Rotosolver 132RSXXX, 10 HP
  • Rotostat 112XPXXX, 10 HP
  • RS-02 / XP-02 pilot plant mixer, 1 HP
  • Flowshear FS425-F installed on 200 gallon vessel
  • Wall lift stand for various mixers to be used with any open tank
  • Benchmix programmable high shear lab mixer with various mix heads, OPLB-300 and OPLB-400 designs

Inline Mixers / pumps


  • Malvern Particle Size Analyzer
  • Brookfield Viscometer model RVDV-1+ with Helipath stand
  • Endress+Hauser magnetic flowmeters (2” and 3”)
  • Microscope, trinocular with digital camera
  • Accumet pH meter
  • Bostwick Consistometer
  • Hegman grind gauge
  • Bench and floor scales, fractional to 150 lbs
  • Digital video/still camera



  • Hot water for jacketing
  • Dust collection
  • Vacuum
  • Water metering
  • Reach-in cooler, 32 cubic ft
  • Chest freezer, 6 cubic ft



Schedule a Customized Lab Test at Our Facility

Contact us to see if a test is feasible. We will review your application and determine lab scheduling and protocol for sending materials to be tested.

We look forward to working with you on your next mixing challenge.