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Admix Equipment | Optifeed™

Optifeed Atmospheric Powder Induction System

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Optifeed OES-VPI - Atmospheric Powder InductionThe Optifeed atmospheric powder induction system provides rapid introduction and wetting out of dry solids and/or liquid ingredients. The Optifeed can process from 50-200 pounds/minute depending on model and process conditions.

The models available are OES-200, OES-V200, OES-V250.  For our Meat & Poultry customers, we have the OES-EZ which has a simplified design for higher viscosity brines and marinades.

All models offer along with improved ergonomics:

  • Reduced risk of operator injury or accidents
  • Fast ingredient addition
  • Reduced mix times
  • Improved yields

The system utilizes an ergonomic waist-high hopper for the addition of all ingredients required in the mix. The material is conveyed into the tank at rates over 100 pounds per minute with our standard 2″ model. Compare our powder induction models for all your ergonomic high viscosity, and shear requirements.

Our application engineers are happy to recommend a creative solution for your mixing challenge. Get a free customized quote today.



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Optifeed-EZ Datasheet | English | English (A4)

Optifeed & PIC Datasheet | English | English (A4)