Admix Equipment | Rotostat™ – How It Works

Admix Equipment | Rotostat™ – How It Works

How The Rotostat Emulsifier Works

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The patented mixing head of the emulsifier consists of an internal rotor surrounded by a freely revolving stator. The stator has three large external paddle blades which restrain its rotation to about 1/10 of the rotor speed. For example, the stator will revolve at 360 RPM with a rotor shaft speed of 3600 RPM in water-like materials.

The rotor draws the product into the stator where the high shear action between the high-speed rotor blades and the slowly revolving stator rim subjects the material to an effective milling and grinding action prior to being expelled with high velocity through outlets in the stator rim.

RotostatWhen passing through these outlets, of the emulsifier, particles, agglomerates, solids, etc. are exposed to intense cutting and disintegrating action for a further reduction of particle sizes.

All contents of the vessel will pass through the mixing head of the emulsifier numerous times during the process, and a homogeneous product is achieved in minutes, where a conventional emulsifier/high shear mixer may require hours.