Quick Change Assemblies

Written by: James Crowell, Field Service Engineer, Admix, Inc.

If you have a Rotosolver, Rotostat, Rotomixx or Boston Shearmill mixer, we’ve got some news!  We’ve developed a Quick-Change Bearing Frame Assembly that is designed to reduce your downtime, and even more significantly so when you keep a spare on your shelf. And, when you opt for an annual preventative maintenance schedule, it renews your warranty each year!

Why keep a spare?  If you have a failure, you simply pull the mixer from service, immediately install the quick-change bearing frame assembly – and in less than an hour, your mixer is ready for production.

Why initiate Preventative Maintenance?  When you buy a quick-change assembly as a spare, you have the option of starting a preventative maintenance program. When you install the assembly, you would return the removed bearing frame assembly and send it to Admix for a preventative maintenance rebuild, which helps to extend the life of the major components of the bearing frame and shaft assembly. With a PM plan, your maintenance costs are essentially fixed for that asset, allowing for better maintenance expense planning. Best of all, if you return your bearing frame and shaft assembly each year, it re-sets your manufacturer’s warranty for another year!

If you are interested in a spare quick-change assembly and preventative maintenance plan, please contact the customer service department.