Process Improvement for Hospital Food

Written by Jerry Baresich, Regional Sales Manager, Admix, Inc.

A large hospital that manufactures soups for its patients and for distribution to other local health care facilities, contacted Admix regarding a mixer for their soups. Most importantly, they wanted help reducing their processing time, but they also wanted the solution to be easy to use and easy to clean.

They made a variety of soups in their kitchen in numerous “pots” ranging from 25 to 50 gallons (95-190 liters). The process of getting to the proper texture and particle size required extra cooking time and manpower as they used hand-held immersion blenders on each pot.

Knowing that our Dynashear Inline Emulsifier has a proven track record for finishing soups and purees, we were confident it would tick all the boxes. For this application, we supplied the Hospital with a customized Dynashear (removed the initial axial stage rotor/stator) and mounted it to a stainless-steel cart with castors for easy mobility from pot to pot. One pass through the Dynashear and the soup achieved the exact texture and particle size they needed for patients. It was no longer was it necessary to increase cooking time or use hand-held blenders.

The Hospital’s soup processing has been greatly improved because of the Dynashear, with set up and clean-up being just as efficient as the mixing! Whether you’re making small or large batches, every processor wants to reduce processing time and we can help!