Putting the “fun” in functional beverages

From adding vitamins and minerals, proteins, raw fruits and vegetables, or herbs to our drinks, consumers want healthy options and the market for functional beverages continues to grow. 

Unfortunately, some of these ingredients are difficult to effectively wet and disperse, and not very FUN to deal with. Guar gum, xanthan gum, locust bean gum, pectin, CMC, gelatin, starches, carrageenan, whey proteins, soy proteins, pea proteins, and vitamins simply cannot be mixed rapidly and completely with conventional tank mixers, but require high speed dispersion to produce smooth, lump-free product in the batch time required (check out our Rotosolver processing xanthan gum in this lab video).

Enter Admix. Our portfolio of in-tank, inline, and inline powder induction and dispersion mixing technology makes short order of these problematic ingredients and our applications engineers have decades of experience, ensuring 100% utilization of your functional ingredients. 

Gone are long batch times, downstream strainers, and wasted ingredients. Join the hundreds of satisfied functional beverage producers we have helped and let us deliver the same to your batching room with a free quote.

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Featured beverage processing products

The Rotosolver high shear mixer is our flagship product with thousands of installations at processing plants around the world.If your production line requires 100% wetting out of powders and an easy-to-clean 3-A compliant design, the Rotosolver is the answer. Its design provides higher overall shear rates, improved dispersion, and reduced energy consumption for volumes up to 10,000 gallons.

The Rotosolver outperforms competitors in key performance areas. For various applications, it has delivered up to:

  • 50% less energy consumption
  • 600% higher flow rates
  • 20% higher tip speeds
  • 6 times more throughput than conventional mixers

The Fastfeed powder induction and dispersion system inducts, wets, and disperses ingredients instantly eliminating agglomerates. Proteins, gums, starches, vitamins, fiber, sweeteners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavors, and colors are dispersed at rates up to 450 pounds per minute in a single pass. It consumes up to 70% less energy than conventional tank mixers and batch-to-batch inconsistencies are eliminated as powders are introduced at the same rate every time. Batch times and air entrainment are also reduced because powders. Dust from dumping powders into open top tanks is also eliminated.Operator safety is also enhanced as powders are added from the safety of floor level.See how the Fastfeed can improve your product quality in half the time with less energy.

The Dynashear inline high speed emulsifier disperses gums, stabilizers, proteins and sweeteners in a single pass delivering batch times as low as 3-5 minutes and less air entrainment. With flow rates up to 175 GPM, the 3-A compliant Dynashear delivers smooth product every time with no fisheyes or agglomerates. The two-stage rotor/stator action allows processors to run longer and CIP less frequently. When installed upstream of inline strainers or HTST balance tanks, the Dynashear improves your process, preventing clogged strainers and extending the life of pumps, valves, and seals. Lower your maintenance costs and total cost of ownership today!

The 3-A compliant Boston Shearmill wet mill/homogenizer surpasses the capabilities of conventional shear pumps and colloid mills and provides very high throughputs at extreme shear rates. Wet milling substances with rotor-stator machines provides several advantages including the ability to run 24/7; to reduce solids particles with minimal dust formation; and to withstand uneven flow patterns, jolts, and pressure fluctuations. And for milling of soft particles to <1 micron, or hard particles down to 1-2 microns, the shearmill produces superior particle size reduction, often in a single pass at high production rates.