Fastfeed case study: fast, efficient powder induction

The Admix Fastfeed has helped
hundreds of processors improve their operations. One such success story came from
a beverage manufacturer that wanted to improve their batching processes.

The challenge

The processor’s protocol required
carrying and dumping hundreds of pounds of powders from 50-pound bags. These ingredients
were dumped into a conventional “premix” in a tank batch mixer on an elevated
batch deck.

The client needed to produce
product faster, use less energy, and improve operator ergonomics while maintaining
the same quality of products.  They also
wanted to reduce product loss from producing diverse products in batch sizes
varying from 100 to 30,000 gallons. Ingredients included gums, stabilizers,
plant proteins, vitamins, minerals, sweeteners, energy drink components,
nutraceuticals, preservatives, acids, whey and milk protein isolates, whey and
milk protein concentrates, milk powders, and assorted flavorings. The gamut!

The solution

Our representatives performed
a thorough batching audit and offered the Fastfeed inline powder induction and dispersion system as a solution to their batching concerns. The Fastfeed is
a fully integrated system featuring a two-stage rotor/stator high-speed
disperser and a powerful powder suction pump. This combination of high liquid
flow and controlled vacuum induction instantly and completely wets and
disperses powders inline at the particulate level. This results in no unmixed
ingredients ever reaching the downstream blend tank, with emulsions in the 3-5
micron range routinely produced.

After the Fastfeed was
installed, operators could induct, wet, disperse and hydrate all powdered ingredients
in a single pass at induction rates over 450 pounds per minute. Highly used
powders could be inducted from bulk sacks while the balance of powders added
from 50 pound bags, both from the safety of floor level. The operators also
recognized the benefit of inducting liquid flavor concentrates and purees from
pails, drums, and totes without the need for an additional pump.

How are they doing now?

Today, downstream strainers
and filters are no longer required as smooth, lump-free product is delivered with
every batch run. Batch-to-batch inconsistencies from different operators
dumping powders into mix tanks at varying rates have also been eliminated.

Now the client produces any
batch size required, plus batch times have been reduced by 50%, 70% less energy
is used, and dusting from dumping powders into open top mix tanks has been
eliminated. Since all mixing is now accomplished inline without the need for
time-consuming recirculation loops, product air entrainment is also drastically

Importantly, the Fastfeed met
the client’s goal of achieving a return on investment in less than one year.

Is the Fastfeed right for
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