Save money with an mixer rebuild

Your machinery is an asset and keeping it running at peak performance is critical to cost-effective operation. So if you answered “YES” to any of the below questions, keep reading.

  • Is performing preventative maintenance on your equipment something you rarely (or never) do?
  • Do you have a fixed/variable maintenance line item in your budget?
  • Is your mixer looking a little “rode hard and put away wet?”

Do you have a high shear mixer, powder induction system, or an inline mixer or wet mill that needs some love? If you opt for a factory rebuild, Admix offers a full one year warranty from manufacturer defect on all factory rebuilt equipment (excluding motors). 

We not only take the time to completely disassemble your equipment, inspect all the components, and perform a thorough failure analysis, but once that’s complete, we provide a detailed report of our findings for your records, then rebuild the equipment and return it in like-new condition.

Most importantly, you’re extended our full one year warranty! Want us to look at your equipment in its ‘native habitat?’ In addition to factory rebuilds, we also offer in-plant audits at your facility.

So if you have equipment that needs attention or routine preventative maintenance, contact our aftermarket team. Just fill out a quick form, and we’ll give you instruction on how to send us your equipment then return it in like-new condition with a new 1-year warranty!