Advantages of Dependable Scaling

Written by Paul Marrone, International Sales Manager, Admix, Inc.

In process manufacturing, transitioning from R&D scale batches to full scale batches should be seamless and predictable. A lot of work goes into developing a formulation to the point where it’s ready for full scale production, so any reformulation or having to adapt to full scale equipment is taking a giant step back.

A principal feature of Admix products is predictable performance scaling. Our lab scale equipment is the same as full scale. Because the same mixing technology is used for both, there is a smooth transfer from R&D to production. There is no need to reformulate or adapt to full scale equipment, and production can be completed without a glitch.

Another example where predictable scaling is beneficial is when batch mixing high value, high volume, product with many ingredients added sequentially. This is a long batching cycle where Quality Control will typically test at the end of it. If they find that adjustments are necessary, incorporating changes can be difficult and time consuming at full scale. If adjustments are made, often another mixing cycle is required to ensure consistency, sometimes more than once, extending the total batch time even further.

In this case, having a lab scale volume processed in parallel would be extremely beneficial. In about an hour, QC can test, results can be analyzed, and chemists can make any necessary adjustments to the full-scale work in progress to guarantee success in a single batching cycle time. This is much more efficient and minimizes the risk of wasting an entire batch.

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