Admix Rotofoil Low Shear Agitator

The Rotofoil is an economical low shear agitator for viscosities up to 5,000 mPa*s.
It is ideal for applications involving mixing miscible liquids, dissolving of solids that are unlikely to agglomerate, and preventing precipitation and heat dispersion.  It has been used for years across various industries including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemical and coatings, and wastewater treatment. 
Axial mixing with energy savings
The Rotofoil impeller was hydrodynamically developed to reduce power consumption by maximizing flow and minimizing turbulence or shear. The Rotofoil develops strong, creating a uniform flow. A 70% energy savings can be expected compared to traditional impellers that spread the flow in a disrupted flow pattern.

Lower cost of ownership
The strong axial flow of the Rotofoil enables it to be positioned higher in the tank than a conventional impeller. It has a shorter shaft, a smaller shaft diameter and a smaller bearing frame, so it is more cost-effective than other agitators on the market.

High Efficiency Rotofoil Blade Design Elements
  • A unique blade profile results in uniform flow across the impeller diameter
  • The twist in the Rotofoil blade is carefully proportioned to avoid turbulence
  • The arch or radius, directs powerful currents downward
Availability: The Rotofoil is currently available in Europe.