Admix Equipment | Diaf Dissolver™ CX

Admix Equipment | Diaf Dissolver™ CX

Diaf Dissolver CX High Speed and High Shear Dispersers

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High Performance Dissolvers in Sizes from Laboratory to Industrial Scale Production

The Dissolver Series range in size from 20 – 5,000 liters mixing capacity (6,000 liters gross volume). These high shear mixers are equipped with a special disc (plate turbine mounted on a vertical shaft), or our Rotosolver high shear mixing head for maximum shear and pumping rates. A wide range of options are available to meet your specific requirements.

Designed for Ease of Use

The electrohydraulic unit for lifting and lowering is built into the machine structure, making it compact and easier to fit into specific plant layouts. In addition, the machines are easy to operate and do not need highly trained operators. The Dissolver can as an option be equipped with PLC and control for recipes preprogramming, which also features ease-of-operation. 


The Dissolver provides fast and excellent dispersion throughout the different process steps, it is extremely effective allowing short batch times and a higher total production capacity. The Dissolver models are available in both totally enclosed, with fan-cooled motor and explosion proof configurations. 


Try Before You Buy

Want to see the Dissolver in action or take it for a test drive? Our comprehensive mixing equipment services can improve your process and bottom line today.


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