Admix Equipment | Dissolver™ CX Options

Admix Equipment | Dissolver™ CX Options

Dissolver CX Options

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Featured Benefits and Options

  • Excellent dispersion, pre-mixing and ready mixing at low energy consumption
  • Manufactured and assembled to the highest quality standards
  • Tank gross volume up to 6,000 liters
  • Hydraulic powered lift for lifting and lowering with built-in safety switch
  • Optional dual shaft with scraper for higher viscosity products
  • Rotation speed control via VFD
  • A range of motor sizes are available to fit your application
  • Safety container fastening device
  • EX-proof and non EX-proof motors available
  • IP54 fan-cooled enclosure available
  • CE/ATEX marked in conformity with Machinery, Low Voltage, and EMC directives

Additional Options

  • PLC control
  • 20VH, 100WH, 1200ZH, and 2000ZH models can be configured for vacuum operation
  • Stainless-steel lid