Clean up your Fisheyes!

Written by George Nikolopoulos, Regional Sales Manager

Is your current level of agitation leaving lumps in your batches? Make no bones about it, long mix times and lingering fisheyes in your process tanks can negatively affect your bottom line, and the ability to keep up when demands increase.

And, when your plant needs to switch gears to make new products that have difficult-to-disperse powder ingredients, what is the answer? To mix these powders efficiently and with little to no product waste, it will require both high shear and high tank flow. Traditional agitators will not provide either, nor will they create homogenous product fast enough to keep up with increasing demands.

We offer a range of mixers that quickly eliminate fisheyes in your batch. With our high shear Rotosolver®, you can finish batches faster and eliminate lumps that could clog filler nozzles and plug your in-line strainers. We’re proud to say this is the most efficient in-tank mixer on the market for superior wetting out and dispersing powders!

Or, you can continue using your current agitator (especially if it works well for other batches) and just connect the Admix Dynashear® to the outlet of your mix tank for immediate clean-up of the lumps! The Dynashear inline emulsifier has been used in applications such as: cleaning up ice cream mixes from bottom-entry liquefier systems, hydrating gums like Carbopol for hand sanitizer, cellulose gums in tablet coatings, and dispersing starch, gelatin and pectin in prepared foods and beverages. It can also eliminate lumps of inulin and milk powders when making caramel or other dairy-based products and prevent burn-on in plate heat exchangers.

We’re here to guide you and offer solutions that greatly reduce your batch times and eliminate those fisheyes for an overall positive effect on your bottom line – contact us any time!