Renew your Warranty with our Rebuild Service

Written by James Crowell, Field Service Engineer

Fixed maintenance costs and renewable warranties are a tremendous asset to maintenance departments. We can work with you to make that possible for your Admix equipment! To get started, we can conduct an over-the-phone equipment audit and customize a comprehensive preventative maintenance (PM) plan. In some cases, we recommend an in-plant audit and equipment inspection.

The Admix PM plan provides you with an annual factory re-build of your mixer, and a new 1-year warranty, essentially maintaining the warranty for the life of your mixer! An annual rebuild is key to helping prevent catastrophic failure and premature wear of major components.

To extend the life of your mixer and help prevent catastrophic failure, we recommend rebuilding annually, especially if you’re experiencing excessive heat, noise or vibration. You may also consider ordering a second kit as a spare to minimize any unforeseen downtime.

Once factory rebuild service plan is in place, your maintenance costs will be fixed for your Admix equipment. To learn more about this valuable plan, contact our Service Team on the web or call us at: 1-800-466-2369 / 1-603-627-2340  or in Europe at +45 (3213) 8743.