Admix FastRead – Mixing Expertise From the Field

Just one look…Solving Mixing Dilemmas with In-Plant Audits
by Ruston Sullivan, Regional Sales Manager

Admix is often invited to help customers resolve mixing problems or assist in improving their process. One such mixing equipment audit with a soup manufacturer identified several areas where improvements were justified.

Operators were standing over 50-gallon tanks maneuvering a handheld mixer throughout the batch. This took over an hour and resulted in back strain and inconsistent batches. The local Admix rep arranged an onsite Rotosolver high shear mixer trial in the 50-gallon tank. 

The result was smoother, consistent product batches in half the time without back strain, and that put a smile on the customer’s face.  Admix ultimately supplied the Rotosolver mounted on a mobile lift stand thus eliminating the potential for operator injury.

So if you find yourself struggling with similar process and product issues, contact us to conduct a thorough process audit. Most of the time, just one look is all it takes!

Inline Dispersion Made Easy With Dynashear
By Rick Earley, National Sales Manager

The year is 1965. The Walker Brothers release a #1 hit single in the U.K. What was the name of this hit? Okay, cheating is allowed if you weren’t around back then (here’s a link but send me a note if you really did know without cheating!).

Sometimes the best way to solve a mixing problem is also the easiest. And at Admix, we strive to help you “Make it easy on yourself!” 

The Admix Dynashear inline high speed disperser/emulsifier is hands down the easiest way to solve a host of mixing problems. If your current mixer is leaving unmixed ingredients in your product, simply install a Dynashear downstream of that not-so-effective mixer and:

  • Eliminate the need for inline strainers to capture agglomerates left behind
  • Produce smoother, thicker product since functional ingredients will now be 100% utilized
  • Eliminate burn on in plate heat exchangers that occurs when fisheyes glue themselves to the hot plates
  • Run longer and CIP less frequently
  • Prolong valve seat and pump seal life
  • Cut your batch times in half

So make it easy on yourself: take the Dynashear challenge and join the hundreds of customers that already know that sometimes easiest is indeed best! And here’s an added bonus: Dynashear is now part of our Quick Ship program so it will ship within 14 days of order!

Lights, Camera, Action! Admix Service Training Video Series
By James Crowell, Field Services Manager

Admix has developed a series of service videos to assist maintenance personnel with assembly, disassembly, or installation of components on a variety of Admix mixers.  All videos provide step-by-step instructions and a list of tools required. They are also available as high-definition downloads should you need them. If there is a particular video you want to see or have questions, please email me.