Disperse protein, starch, vitamins, fiber, sweeteners, and gums instantly with no clumps or foam

Trying to disperse ingredients without all the annoying clumps or foam?Fastfeed powder induction systeam
The Admix Fastfeed powder induction system inducts, wets, and disperses stabilizers, milk and whey powders, vitamins, fiber, sweeteners, stabilizers, and gums instantly for a smooth finished product with no lumps or agglomerates.

Whether you’re preparing cheese starter, yogurt, sour cream, buttermilk, chocolate milk, or ice cream mix, the Fastfeed delivers silky smooth product every time AND with reduced air entrainment.

Batch times are often cut in half, operators add powders from the safety of floor level (from both Super Sacks or 50 lb bags) and dust from dumping powders into open top tanks is eliminated. Run longer and CIP less frequently as the Fastfeed eliminates burn-on in HTST plate heat exchangers resulting from unmixed ingredients.

Don’t have the capital to replace your current mixing system with Fastfeed? Then simply install our Dynashear two-stage rotor/stator inline disperser immediately upstream of your HTST balance tank to ensure no fisheyes or agglomerates ever enter your HTST system. It guarantees 100% utilization of functional ingredients so you don’t need an inline strainer or filter. Dynashear delivers smoother, thicker product and eliminates midday “mini CIP” or CIP flushes often required to maintain plate heat exchanger efficiency and cleanliness.

Whatever your dairy end product or process, our applications engineers can work with you to find a customized solution. Contact us today for a free, customized quote from one of our mixing experts.