Long Batch Times – A Thing of the Past

Shorten batch times with Rotosolver

A large food manufacturer recently came to us asking for help solving a problem. It’s a recurring theme that we see far too often out in the production world. Long batch times! The customer knew that eliminating long batch times was an Admix specialty and they came calling with their concerns which included:

  • pLong batch times
  • Wasted ingredients
  • Poor quality end product

This customer’s application was mixing xanthan gum and sugar into water, and their process was taking around 4 hours to complete. If the long batch time wasn’t bad enough, their end product contained numerous fisheyes and lumps that they ultimately had to filter out of the finished batch.

Admix came to the rescue with the solution – its high shear Rotosolver. With the Rotosolver, the customer was able to completely disperse and hydrate the xanthan gum and complete their batch in under 10 minutes. See the Rotosolver in action.

Talk about reducing batch time! The customer was shocked with the results and said that their product never looked better. They found no fisheyes or lumps in their end product and for the first time ever they had a completely homogeneous batch.

So if you find yourself in this same situation where long batch times are part of your daily grind, let us help make long batch times a thing of the past!

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So if long batch times are part of your daily grind, let us make them a thing of the past. Get a customized solution today or have your ingredient tested for free in our lab.