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The Dressings, Mayo & Sauces Industry

Dressings & Sauces IndustryAs the dressings, mayo, and sauce market continues to grow, challenging  ingredients continue to be pain points. Ethnic products, natural and reduced calorie products and international sauces are tempting and popular to consumers. Besides formula changes to meet consumer demand, the volatile prices of sweeteners and oils drives reformulation for cost reduction.  From oil-in-water emulsions to uniformly distributing particulate to milling delicate emulsions, Admix has mixing, milling and powder induction technologies that creatively solve mixing challenges as well as excellent technical support that truly understands these challenges.

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How do we insure consistent uniformity from the top to bottom of a batch in our high viscosity creamy, whipped and semi-solid emulsified products?

Admix high shear mixers offer a design that:

  • Produces high flow rates so that the product is blending and moving from start to finish.  This way, we can guarantee uniformity (especially pH and salt) from top to bottom
  • Does not depend on an operator to consistently move a mixer around the vessel in order to emulsify or "pull in" the last of the ingredients
  • Produce high enough shear rates to eliminate milling steps

The Rotosolver efficiently combines high flow / good product motion with high shear that is consistent and never overshears keeping emulsions tight as well as robust.

  • Clean-in-Place
  • Meets 3-A TPV Standards #73-01
What will give us good blending in our tank to gently blend in particulate in our high viscosity products as well as maintain suspension and uniformity of spices in low viscosity formulas?

No high shear mixer can uniformly blend in soft particulate in high viscosity emulsions.  What is needed is vortex and gentle flow for particulates and for spice suspension, consistent downward flow, low level mixing is required.

The Rotomaxx and Rotomixx lines offer fixed tank agitation with an all stainless steel drive construction eliminating paint and corrosion above the vessel.  With a variety of impeller options, designs are custom manufactured to your vessel, as well as to your specific process.

We want to concentrate the solids level in a batch to reduce mixing times and control costs. The solids are hard-to-wet and create tough fisheyes that clog our filters. How can you help?

The Rotosolver combines good product motion with efficient pumping blades, a high shear mixing region to break down fisheyes and agglomerates.

  • Clean-in-Place
  • Meets 3-A TPV Standards #73-01

Admix MayoMillWe are having issues with seals on our colloid mills partially caused because we have to manually disassemble them daily for cleaning, as well as when we run high viscosity products like mayonnaise or whipped salad dressing.  The increased line pressure causes our seals to leak.

The Admix MayoMill, built off the proven Boston Shearmill platform is truly CIP'able, eliminating the need to disassemble the unit for cleaning.  As standard, the Admix MayoMill has a 700-PSI seal rating, far above any pressures your lines will see, thus eliminating seal failures caused by handling or high pressure.

  • Boston Shearmill meets 3-A TPV Standards #36-01
For our process, we need to premix gums or starches in pure water.  At times, we are at very low levels in our tanks and sometimes don't even reach the mixer.  Because these ingredients require shear, what are our options?

The Fastfeed system provides inline, simultaneous powder induction and dispersion from the safety of floor level.  As long as there is enough water to flood the tank outlet, this is a great option.

With its built in shear, the added dries are sheared in less than 1/2 a second of induction so that they never get the chance to form fisheyes or agglomerates.

Our materials are very expensive, and testing is expensive in large volumes. How do we test new recipes without a lot of waste, but ensure that we'll achieve the same results when we scale up?

At Admix, we understand the need for true scalability.  The BenchMix series of high shear lab mixers can be configured with Rotomixx, Rotosolver and Rotostat impellers for the greatest flexibility and accurate scale-up to full production.

We are so confident in our scale-up methods that we provide a process performance guarantee! Contact us for details.

I've heard that applying the "correct" shear to my BBQ sauce can enhance viscosity and also reduce cost.  How is that possible?

The Boston Shearmill high shear wet mill when properly applied will drop the Bostwick on BBQ sauce by up to 14% allowing reduction of starch and/or tomato sauce. 

On ketchup, that Bostwick improvement can be as high as 19%!

Further, lower cost, coarser pastes can be purchased and then "milled" to the desired "mesh."

Dressings & Sauces Processing Primer The Admix Primer on Dressings & Sauces offers useful guidance on ingredients, production and mixing technology. In this primer, we identify and explain mixing applications and offer solutions to reduce cost and increase efficiency and quality. 

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