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Cosmetic & Personal Care Industry

Cosmetics manufacture requires a range of mixing processes, from simple color or fragrance blending to the creation of extremely fine emulsions in creams and lotions. Admix offers a mixing technologies for the blending needs of the cosmetics and personal care industries.

Our Flowshear bottom mount emulsifier/disperser is a standout in this industry. It delivers high shear and high flow in a compact design and complies with regulatory and cGMP requirements. With unrivaled versatility, it enables you to mix a wide range of batch sizes with minimal starting liquid levels.

Our application engineers are happy to recommend a creative solution for your cosmetic or personal care mixing challenge. Get a free customized quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer tank agitation for larger volumes?

Yes! Rotomixx and RotoMAXX II offer portable and fixed tank agitation in all stainless steel construction. Both provide simple blending of miscible fluids, solids incorporation and dispersion, and maintenance of a suspension while meeting 3-A standard #73-01.

How can I disperse powders that fisheye, agglomerate or raft on the top of the vessel?

The Rotosolver combines product motion with efficient pumping blades, and a high shear mixing region to break down fisheyes. It is CIP and 3-A standard #73-01.

Can you help me create a cream or lotion that is dependent upon a good, tight, stable emulsion?

The Rotostat rotor-stator mixer provides bulk tank motion without any in-tank bearing frame or supporting arms to block product flow. Its high shear mechanically breaks down solids (like wax) that give body to many creams, without requiring elevated temperature to melt these solids.

I need to develop a new formula using a different production method. How do I test it?

The BenchMix programmable high shear lab mixer can be configured with Rotomixx, Rotosolver and Rotostat heads for great flexibility and accurate scale-up to full production. We're so confident in our scale-up methods, we provide a process performance guarantee. Contact us for details.

Currently we run product through multiple passes in a homogenizer to filter out lumps trying to refine product before our filler machines. Is there an earsier way?

For in-line continuous processing, the DynaShear and Boston Shearmill high shear mixers and wet mills provide tight emulsions. Typical droplet size with the DynaShear is 2-3 microns and as fine as 0.5 microns with the Boston Shearmill. They break down tough fisheyes in a single pass, and deagglomerate a fluid stream to save on filter cleaning and raw materials. Both are designed to run 24/7 and meet 3-A standard #36-01.

How can I safely incorporate powders into liquids?

The VacuShear system inducts powders or liquids under vacuum, provides high shear mixing for powder dispersion, and vacuum deaeration for the best finished product. Where air entrainment is not a concern, our powder induction line-up of Optifeed, PIC and Fastfeed provide inline, continuous powder induction and dispersion at feed rates over 150 lbs/minute on a single pass.


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