Think Outside the Tank!

At Admix, we think “outside the box” and “outside the tank!” Historically, ingredient batching, blending, dispersing, dissolving, and emulsifying have taken place in a conventional “mix tank.” But today’s increasingly complex and clean label food & beverage formulas are challenging. Conventional mix tanks struggle to keep pace with down stream processing demands. They simply were never designed to adequately mix today’s functional ingredients with the speed and quality current processes dictate.

Implementing new equipment technology to help meet these unique mixing challenges does not have to be expensive or complicated. Just think outside the tank!

The Admix Dynashear inline high speed disperser “finishes” mixing what a conventional mix tank cannot. The Dynashear is installed on the discharge (OUTSIDE!) of your mix tank. Unmixed product exits the tank and passes through the Dynashear then transfers to the next downstream process step. The Dynashear ensures all ingredients are completely mixed and uniform. Gone are inline filters/strainers, heat exchanger burn-on, and wasted ingredients.
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Select models / configurations are available as a Quickship item so you could be problem free in just two weeks! Contact us to learn more.