Fixing your bottom mount mixing tank issues

Bottom-entry high shear mix tanks are everywhere, maybe even in your plant. And when we go into plants using them we often hear complaints like:

  • Solids are falling out of our mix in our batch tank
  • Our strainers are getting clogged
  • My heat exchangers are fouling
  • I wish were better at mixing a little better mixing!

Our Dynashear inline mixer added to the discharge of your bottom entry high shear tank can make these problems go away. Adding a shearpump inline after your mix tank is an easy fix to make sure good quality mixing occurs and to eliminate downtime due to sanitation issues downstream.

How confident are we? Confident enough to offer a process assurance warranty for applications like:

So bring us your mixing challenges and we’ll provide a free quote that will make it great!

Contributed by Patrick Lakin, Admix regional sales manager