Single Pass Mixing

Written by Jerry Baresich, Regional Sales Manager

We routinely hear from manufacturers who are struggling with long batch times and less than desirable product quality.  They complain that their current mixing process takes too long and the results are not satisfactory (undispersed powders, agglomerates and fisheyes).  

It doesn’t matter if you’re processing beverages, prepared foods, coatings, medicines or personal care products… poor results don’t discriminate. If you don’t have the right mixer, your yields, product quality and profits will suffer.  This situation doesn’t serve any manufacturer well, especially when they need to produce more product in less time…and produce higher quality end-product to preserve or improve the brand’s image. 

An easy and cost effective way to alleviate these common problems is to install a Dynashear inline high speed disperser between your mix tank and your next downstream process. Do this and we guarantee you 100% dispersion, and those agglomerates and fisheyes will disappear with just one pass though the Dynashear in most cases.  Problems related to clogged filters/strainers, heat exchanger burn-on, and wasted ingredients will also disappear!  Although it sounds like magic, it’s no trick. Just our solid high shear engineering and applications expertise at your service.  

Right now, select configurations of the Dynashear are available as a QUICKSHIP item.  Contact us for details or get started with a complimentary lab test