Clean Label Challenges

The needs of our mutual customers (consumers) constantly evolve. Between soy allergies and the demand for less “ingredients” in our protein products, other methods are being employed to ensure our meat, poultry and seafood products retain moisture to enhance mouthfeel and flavor.

Ingredients that are popular in other processed foods are starting to be utilized by R&D folks to substitute for some ingredients that have been the “go to’s” for years. Xanthan gum and other ingredients which are defined as Hydrocolloids are starting to be utilized in the Protein industry. These ingredients behave like tiny sponges quickly absorbing moisture and building higher viscosities the likes of which haven’t ever been typical in meat and poultry brines / marinades.

Admix has deep ingredient experience from many years in the food and beverage business. If you are facing a clean label challenge, please tap into that experience. We have solutions to allow you to utilize and get all the intended functionality from these ingredients.

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