How to Tame the High Pressure Beast

As a preferred process partner to our clients, one question we often ask them is “If you could change just one thing about your current process, what would it be?”

If their process includes the use of a high pressure homogenizer, 80% of the time the answer is “I’d replace my homogenizer!”

If you own a high pressure homogenizer, you are well aware of how its high consumption of energy and water, coupled with high maintenance expenses and a painfully slow flowrate, make it a beast to operate.

We have good news! Many of our clients are replacing their homogenizers with our Boston Shearmill (BSM) and are reaping a multitude of benefits including:

  • 70% less energy consumption
  • 50% less water consumption
  • up to 3 times faster flowrate
  • 90% lower maintenance costs

And the best news is that the BSM is customized to your unique application and end product. Contact us today and to have us audit your current process and evaluate which BSM is right for you!