The Need For Speed: Xanthan Gum Case Study

The Rotosolver high shear mixer has been well known as an industry leader for decades, for its speed and ability to completely mix the most challenging ingredients.  And with our recent Rotosolver redesign, the accolades just keep rolling in thanks to its even lower power consumption and improved, faster powder dispersion.

One example came from a co-packer tasked with dispersing an extremely difficult formula involving xanthan gum. After experimenting with other solutions, the customer finally installed a Rotosolver and subsequently couldn’t contain his satisfaction:

“The Rotosolver performance was excellent, and the xanthan gum was thoroughly mixed to a perfect consistency with no fisheyes in about 7-8 minutes, compared to HOURS for a 325 gallon batch. [This result came even after] mixing another granular preservative with the xanthan gum.”

The plant’s quality manager was also impressed with the Rotosolver, adding he had never seen such an excellent dissolution of xanthan gum. Along with this case study, Rotosolver has also been used in hundreds of other applications including thickeners and cellulose gums, like CMC.

Are you looking for faster mixing results? Check out this short lab video to see the Rotosolver in action on xanthan gum, or get a Rotosolver quote today for your specific process and speed your way to better results and improved ROI.

Contributed by Jerry Baresich, Regional Sales Manager