Turning Variable Costs into Fixed Costs

Would you like to turn some of your variable costs into fixed ones? It’s true that Admix equipment can reduce raw material and energy costs, but did you know that with a Preventative Maintenance plan, you can also reduce downtime and costly overtime as well?

mixer maintenance planAdmix Field Services will visit your facility to conduct an in-plant audit and create a Preventative Maintenance (PM) plan to help convert what would otherwise be variable costs into fixed ones, resulting in a positive impact on your overall operating budget and bottom line.

The PM plan involves returning your mixer to Admix once each year for a complete factory rebuild and inspection. By returning your mixer annually, you’re renewing its one-year warranty and essentially maintaining the warranty for the life of your mixer!

Admix mixing equipment is designed to require minimal maintenance, however there are some simple preventative maintenance steps that will help increase the life of your mixer, prevent failures and reduce costly downtime, saving you thousands in lost production, unscheduled repairs, and overtime.

Here are some other cost-savings benefits you’ll profit from when you initiate a preventative maintenance program in your plant:

  • Prevention of catastrophic failure and premature wear of major components
  • Improved reliability of your mixing equipment
  • Avoiding full replacement cost by extending mixer life
  • Tighter inventory control over spare parts and fewer big-ticket budget hits

Once a PM plan is implemented, you can identify fixed maintenance costs for your mixing equipment and further reduce unscheduled downtime. Complete this brief form today to get started!