Quality Chemical Dispersions 

Chemical industry manufacturers use horizontal and vertical media mills with grinding media to deagglomerate and reduce the particle size of their products like auto paints and coatings. The media is usually round and can be made of ceramic, stainless steel, polyurethane, silicon carbide and a host of other materials. During milling, the product gets pressed in between the beads until particle size is reduced to specifications. In many cases, millions of these beads are needed to do the job, and after a while they wear down, becoming less effective. New media becomes necessary, and it’s expensive, but alas, it’s purchased, replaces the old and the cycle continues.

But even before this grinding step happens, a very important high shear dispersion step occurs, essentially to create a pre-mix. Getting the dispersion to a high-quality level before the media mill phase is key because it can greatly improve or in some cases even eliminate the grinding process. Admix high shear mixers (like the Rotosolver®) have helped chemical industry customers get a higher quality dispersion and:

  • narrow particle size distribution
    • enable using smaller grinding media
    • incur less wear on media and mill
  • reduce risk of screen blinding
    • achieve higher flow rates and productivity
    • reduce recirculation
  • development pigment faster
  • wet out and disperse powders faster
  • eliminate agglomerates
  • reduce batch times by 50-80%
  • reduce mixer maintenance costs up to 90%

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