Mixing Solution for Cosmetics Customer

Written by Ruston Sullivan, Regional Sales Manager

A large personal care & cosmetics manufacturer approached Admix looking for an effective high shear mixing solution. Their business was growing, and increased demands required additional product lines and higher batch volumes. While it was a good problem to have, they were concerned about the investment for multiple in-tank high shear batch mixers.

We jumped in and introduced the Admix Dynashear® as an alternative solution. This in-line, high shear portable mixer could handle mixing product for multiple tanks of varying sizes. Its 2-stage rotor/stator head design with mechanical and hydraulic mixing capabilities provided the PC&C manufacturer assurance that they could produce a stable emulsion (with many of our customers seeing results of 3-5 microns or lower). Also, the Dynashear’s high tip speed capabilities and high product throughput assured them that they could mix ingredients quickly and produce consistent quality product with every batch.

The PC&C manufacturer was able to substantially reduce its capital investment due to purchasing just one Dynashear 575 inline mixer instead of multiple in-tank mixers, and we were happy to help out! When you need a cost-effective mixing solution, we’re here to think outside the box with you!