Admix Equipment | Optifeed™ – How it Works

Admix Equipment | Optifeed™ – How it Works

How The Optifeed Works

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The Optifeed™ uses a high performance powder suction pump that vacuum conveys from 3 to over 200 pounds per minute of any powder or solid.

For materials that are easily dissolved or suspended, the Optifeed discharge could then be sent on to the next step in the process. If materials require shear to properly disperse, deagglomerate or emulsify, they can be recirculated through a batch tank with in-tank high shear mixer. Alternately, the material can be processed through a Dynashear or Boston Shearmill for in-line high shear mixing, without the need for a batch mixer.

Basic Rules for Use

  • Maximum viscosity before or after ingredient introduction is 2500 cps.
  • Maximum allowable head on discharge side is 10 psi. If head loss exceeds recommended levels, a booster pump on the discharge piping should be installed.
  • Minimum incoming flow rate for the system is 35 GPM.

If soy protein, carrageenan, starch or similar products are used, a Fastfeed system may be necessary.

One significant point for all users of powder induction equipment to be aware of: It is very difficult to control with absolute precision the volume of the entrained material and its instantaneous ratio to the motive liquid. Most often, powder induction systems are mounted in a batch mixing process to insure the desired recipes are achieved.