Time for spring training!

Although it’s not as much fun as watching America’s pastime, scheduling maintenance training for your Admix mixer can save you a lot of troubles down the road.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you (and/or your operators) unfamiliar with the assembly/disassembly of your Admix equipment?/li>
  • Have you hired new maintenance personnel recently?
  • Do you want to have a better mechanical understanding of your Admix equipment?


If you’re feverishly nodding along to any of these questions, consider having us visit your facility to perform maintenance training.  Admix can handle a class of any size at any time, including off-shift scheduling.

The typical training session last around 4 hours, with the first two hours a classroom setting focused on reviewing your product’s installation, operation, and service instruction manual(s) in detail.

The second half is hands-on and occurs in the maintenance shop.  Assembly/disassembly techniques and safety instructions will be reviewed in detail on your Admix equipment.

Complete this brief form and call us to indicate your estimated class size and desired training dates. We look forward to keeping you and your mixing equipment in tip-top shape!