Reconstituting Dry Ingredients – Optimize your Process!

Many of us have heard the phrase “until the cows come home.”

Well, there’s good news! The cows have finally come home and their milk is now the source for a wide variety of powdered functional ingredients that are enhancing formulated foods and beverages at an ever-increasing rate. 

Benefits from the long-awaited cows’ return include:

  • Desirable sensory properties like texture and flavor
  • Improved emulsification, stabilization, and appearance in foods and beverages
  • Dairy protein fortification in sports, nutrition, and energy products
  • Essential dairy nutrients that support bone health

The challenge many food and beverage processors face involves effectively reconstituting these dairy ingredients to gain their full functional performance and consistent finished product properties. Skim milk powders, nonfat dry milk, whey protein concentrates/ isolates, and caseinates are difficult to wet, disperse, dissolve, and hydrate with conventional batch mixers. The Admix portfolio of in-tank batch mixers and inline mixing technologies allow our clients to overcome these challenges and produce silky smooth products with 100% utilization of their beneficial dairy ingredients.

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