Lower Your Particle Size with the Boston Shearmill

By Ruston Sullivan, Regional Sales Manager

Recently, a plant-based food and beverage manufacturer came to Admix looking for a better way of reducing the particle size on their finished product as well as improving the overall mouthfeel. They complained that their existing milling equipment was too slow, very costly to maintain, and ultimately causing inconsistent particle size and mouthfeel results.

Immediately, Admix introduced them to the Boston Shearmill. With extremely high shear rates and tip speeds, as well as three custom sets of rotor/stators, the Boston Shearmill creates tremendous mechanical and hydraulic energy, maximizing shear forces into the product zone.

They took advantage of the free lab testing in the Admix pilot plant and shipped us their product to mill. We video taped the test and returned samples to them to evaluate.

The customer was thrilled with the results. They saw a significant reduction in particle size, increased their GPM throughput 300%, and FINALLY, are now seeing the consistent quality and mouthfeel results they always wanted!

Give us a call at 800-466-2369 or request a quote, and let’s see how our Boston Shearmill can improve your product!