Meat & Poultry Series: Retrofit that old OES

Over the years, brine and marinade ingredients have evolved. Starches, carrageenans, and soy proteins are more common today. They tend to be harder to fully dissolve and increase viscosity levels. When brine and marinade ingredients were typically just made of a water, salt and phosphate mix, original Admix powder induction systems equipped with eductor technology were more than sufficient. But ingredients have certainly evolved and so has Admix. Today we build our powder feed systems with vacuum technology (suction system) which works significantly better with higher viscosities than traditional eductor designs (older pull technology).

Modern day Optifeed-EZ powder feed systems from Admix are manufactured specifically for meat and poultry processors. In addition to being equipped with vacuuum technology for rapid introduction and wetting out of powders, the “EZ” design incorporates fewer removable parts and levers to make daily wash down procedures a breeze.

If your older Optifeed OES powder feed system clogs, backs up, or slows you down in any way, it’s time to look at updating your system.  We can retrofit your existing OES system to an Optifeed-EZ – ask us for a quote!
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