Can You Spare a Bearing?

Attention Rotosolver, Rotostat and Boston Shearmill Customers!   

Would you like to significantly reduce downtime, keep your equipment on a preventative maintenance schedule, and maintain the warranty for the life of your bearing frame and shaft assembly? If so, you might want to consider purchasing a spare. 

Laying Out the High Value Benefits:
  1. Should you have a failure, you can pull that unit from service and immediately install the replacement, therefore significantly reducing your downtime. 
  2. You’ll have the ability to begin a preventative maintenance program. Once a year you can remove the existing bearing frame and shaft assembly, install the spare, and return the removed unit for factory preventative maintenance rebuild. This preventative maintenance program will help extend the life of the major components of the bearing frame and shaft assembly. 
  3. When you send us your bearing frame and shaft assembly on a yearly basis as part of this program, you will maintain the warranty from manufacturer defects for the life of that bearing frame and shaft assembly.

Learn More About A Spare Bearing Frame and Shaft Assembly: 
We’re available to talk you through the details and get you all the pricing you need. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our Customer Service Department