Calling all Tomato Paste Users!

Would you like to dilute your paste into a smooth, uniform sauce within two minutes after the last pass is added to your mix tank? 

Would you like to use a coarser, less expensive paste and still produce the same quality product from that more expensive paste? 

Would you like to make thicker product without adding additional solids? 

Well then, look no further!  Our Rotosolver high speed dispersers are diluting a tote of paste in the blink of an eye. Once the paste is diluted, a single pass through our Boston Shearmill produces silky smooth sauce even from coarser paste. That same Boston Shearmill is also reducing Bostwick values in sauce and ketchup by 25 – 35%. 

Admix has been delivering the above process improvements to our tomato paste clients for years. We welcome the chance to show you how we can deliver these same benefits to your processing and improve your bottom line!  Contact us today to get started!